Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Three Meals Steamboat 一日三餐之火锅

There's a new Steamboat buffet concept arising in Kuching! Porridge Steamboat!! Wow! This was my first time to come across porridge steamboat and without much hesitation, we paid a visit to Three Meals Steamboat 一日三餐之火锅. Although the place was located at Kuching City Mall, Desa Wira, quite away from town, it's not very difficult to locate it. It's just next to the famous Ling Loong Seafood.
The clean and pleasant place for steamboat
Ingredients Station. Not forgetting to mention, they have unlimited servings of frog legs 田鸡 too, and that goes best with porridge! Some fresh meat like beef, lamb, chicken and fish slices are served upon request.

There are a couple of steamboat soups available like herbal soup, tom yam soup and so on. We had the "Yin Yang", which means we can choose two broths of our liking. Of cos, not to be missed was the porridge and another one we opt for herbal soup. :)

Tadaa~~ All the fresh ingredients we could take from the Ingredients Station:

Cooking our food in the broths! The longer and the more ingredients you put in, the better is the broths. Especially the porridge. I had so many frog legs inside and it's so sweet! Yummy!
Although they do not have much choices of food as other buffets offer in town, but their food were all very fresh and nice. Priced at RM25.90, it's definitely worth trying!

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