Thursday, 1 August 2013

One Jaya Bukit Mata Seafood

Top Spot is a famous spot for seafood at night, especially among tourists and it is particularly very crowded during weekends. Bukit Mata, being one of the renown operators there, now opens up an air-conditioned branch at the top floor of One Jaya Mall. Being the first time to the place, my mum asked me to take order.
Mix Vegetables Stir-fried in Sambal Belacan (RM12.00).
Stir-fried Curry Bamboo Clams (RM13.50).
Butter Crab (RM29.00).
Assam Fish (RM28.60).
So far, I liked the Assam Fish best as it was very appetizing. Many claimed that the Butter Crab is nice, but I thk it was rather too oily for me. Taste-wise was ok, but apparently all the dishes that night were kinda oily, probably their best cook was not around??

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