Friday, 9 August 2013

Food Gathering Session

It's great to gather all the good food in town and FEAST!!! Hehe.. We went to buy the yummy deep-fried chicken pieces and chicken butts at Pisang Road, Han's BBQ Honey Chicken at Jalan Song. Wanted to get ourselves the sweet and spicy chicken wings from Matang, but unfortunately it was closed. Fanie got the Cha Kueh from Kenyalang Market, whereas Joe and Ying Ting bought Hui Sing's delicious pork satay and Ice Kacang. This is why our diet plans always fail. =.=
Food Fiesta!!
Crispy Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Butts from Pisang Road
Hui Sing Pork Satay! (RM0.60/stick)
Han's BBQ Honey Chicken Wing (RM2.50/piece)
Kenyalang Market's salty version of Char Kueh. People always talk about the famous Char Kueh Stall in Kenyalang and this was my first try. Prefer the salty one over the sweet one. :D
Sweet Char Kueh. I still think that the sweet Char Kueh sold in Hui Sing Hawker Centre at night is better.
Although we got all the famous good Kuching food, but I prefer to have them on the spot cos the foods were cold already. >.<

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