Saturday, 24 August 2013

My first try @ ZenQ Desserts 仙Q甜品

ZenQ Desserts is similar to Blackball, Snowflake, MeetFresh etc., but this is the first franchise to set foot in Kuching. It has been around for some time and I always see people buzzing in especially at night. I finally stepped into the shop for the first time with an intention to compare with Blackball which I think was rather nice.
Choose Your Own ZenQ (RM7.50). I chose my own toppings which were the Q Yuans which were Taro Balls, Mashed Yam,  Lotus Seeds, Black Pearls and Ice Cream as a replacement for their finished Grass Jelly. There were three choices of bases to select from and I opt for the Matcha Ice. I do not know how to describe as there were so many stuffs that tasted differently yet blending well with one another, but it's nice and I will be back for more. :)
The service counter.

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