Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jubilee Ground Hawker Centre

Jubilee Ground Hawker Centre is very famous in Kuching for Ice Kacang. There are a couple of outlets around the circular building selling these shaved iced desserts and we always visit the one facing the Jubilee Recreation Ground (the most crowded stall in the pic).
Mango Ice (RM2.20). Flooded with sweet and milky condensed milk, the fruity dessert is just awesome with the sweet mangoes and sago .
ABC / 4 Campur (RM1.70). The shaved ice dessert comsists of soft and smooth red beans, chewy green cendol, sago and grass jelly. The owner was not stingy in adding the santan, giving the ABC a very strong coconut milk taste!
Chocolate Mint (RM2.20). Nata de coco with sago in mix condensed milk, milo powder and peppermint sauce. The peppermint added extra cooling effect. So REFRESHING!!
Apart from desserts, this hawker centre also serves certain hawker delicacies like Laksa, Kolo Mee etc.
Belacan Bee Hoon (RM4.00). This dish already smells good from far as the belacan used was so flavorful.
Tauge Kueh Tiao (RM2.50)
Rojak - Medium (RM4.00). Nice Chinese Rojak we got here. There's mix of cucumbers, dried beancurds, sotong, pineapples and mangkuang, flavored with the sweet Rojak paste and sprinkled with lots of shaved peanuts. 

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