Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chiak Ho Liao 吃好料

Chiak Ho Liao means eating good food or done eating in Hokkien. At first, I tot the latter was the meaning, but refering to the Chinese name 吃好料, it means eating good food. This new coffee shop at Stutong serves Black Vinegar Kolo Mee and there were lots of hearty congratulations advertised in the newspaper since their opening. As such, we made our first visit to this shop at Stutong, together with the same shoplot as the famous Coffee Talk.
As this is a new place, the shop was so crowded and packed. We eventually waited for abt 40mins for our noodles. =.=
Black Vinegar Kolo Mee. It looks dry at first, but the sauce was hidden below and you have to mix it. Tasted quite alright at first, but it was getting too sour when I almost finish my bowl of noodles. 
Fish Balls Soup.
Costed RM13 for a bowl of Fish Balls Soup and 3 bowls of Black Vinegar Kolo Mee. Reasonable price, but I don thk it was worth our wait.

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