Sunday, 11 August 2013

Raya Dessert

Hari Raya open house is about feasting with lots of delicious Malay cuisines like Rendang, Masak Hitam etc., not to be missed is their rich and moist Kek Lapis. After all the high calorie food intake for the day, we ended with Pullman Cakes again! LOL!
Peach Shortcake. 
No clue what was this called. But I did not like it. My friend eventually said that it tasted like smoke. LOL!
This was very good! Very rich chocolate, unlike artificially flavored chocolate candies, with layers of cakes that blended well together.
My crazy buddies were so obsessed with the Peach Shortcake that they ordered the whole cake. We were all too full to touch any piece from here. >.<

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