Thursday, 22 August 2013

Past Manhattan Fish Market's Groupon Deal

Well.. If you check it out, the dishes here came from the deal from Manhattan Fish Market offered in Groupon months ago. I know I'm kinda late, but it's never too late to introduce good food yay..? Hehe~
The deal was on the Giant Fried Platter Set Meal with Drinks for 2pax (RM49)
Gummy Bear for our drinks. Looks weird to me at first due to the color, but it was surprisingly so frizzy and refreshing.
Garden Salad. A light appetizer to fill our tummy first as we were going to wait long for our main course.
Garlic Herb Mussels. This was good. The mussels were not overcooked and flooded with the creamy, tasty garlic herbs sauce.
Garlic Bread
Creamy Mushroom Penne which we ordered as an extra dish. Very nice too. Sauteed in fresh mushrooms, it was milky and will make you ask for more!
Giant Fried Platter. As the name goes, it's GIANT! With garlic rice beneath, the platter consisted of deep-fried fish cutlets, prawns, calamari, country mushrooms chips and also some vege. 
Are you sure this deal is for 2? We came in 3 and ordered just an extra dish of penne, but was unable to finish the garlic rice and chips. Definitely worth trying!

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