Sunday, 25 August 2013

Groupon Deal from Gourmet Sausage

Gourmet Sausage is one of the popular Western Restaurants in Brighton Square. I bought this Groupon Offer at RM55 in which we could choose 4 main dishes from 2-Lost-Pigs, Gourmet Sausage and the Ultimate Pork Burger. Upon that, we were given a set of Dinosaur Wings Bucket.
M&M Milkshake. I like!
Dinosaur Wings Bucket. The deep-fried chicken wings were covered in sweet and spicy sauce. Nice!
Gourmet SausageJumbo sausage with fire-grilled bacon, served with mashed potatoes and salad. The sausage was really nice, wrapped in the fragrantly grilled bacon and covered with their homemade special meat sauce.
Ultimate Pork BurgerBurger with bacon, cheese, ham, tomatoes, onion and fried egg, served with fries. You will not regret ordering this burger!
2-Lost-Pigs. One hot dog comprising pork sausage served with meat sauce and the other was bacon-wrapped. This was really a huge portion~ Both tasted great. The hot-dog bun used was spread with butter and nicely baked that gives the crunchy texture at each bite. 


Unknown said...

Where to get this sausage.... i want to try it.. look very delicious.


Unknown said...

Hi Wong,

Make a visit to Kuching! There's lots of good food here.. :)

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