Sunday, 28 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #31 @ Batu Lanchang Food Court

This was my second visit to Batu Lanchang Food Court, but my first visit was an unsuccessful one as the stalls I wished to order food from were not open. This would be a great place to try out different Penang's hawker food.
Crowded place for lunch
Stall No.22 for Desserts
Huge bowl of Ice Kacang with ice cream
Cendol. Of cos not as good as the Penang Famous Teochew Chendul, quite ok~ :)
Famous Rojak Pasembur from Stall No.8. Nice! Tasted something like Kuching's Rojak India, but this was said to be Chinese Pasembur in Penang. Covered by the sweet and slightly spicy potato gravy, the pasembur was made up of shredded cucumbers, fried fritters, jellyfish, bean curd and yam beans.
Oyster Porridge which I find it interesting as I love OYSTERS~~ :D However, they were a bit stingy with the oysters or is it because the oysters shrink due to the hotness??
Another famous dish: Seafood Char Kway Kak. Tasted something like Char Kway Teow, but it's Kway Kak.

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