Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #22 @ Paddington House of Pancake, Queensbay Mall

As we were looking for some ideas at Queensbay Mall for the coming Penang Science Fair exhibition, we dropped by at the Paddington House of Pancake for a lunch treat by our manager. Decided to go for the lunch set in which we were given ice lemon tea and a Mini Dollar Pancake Sundae as dessert for free.
Here came my order. Both the chicken and mashed potatoes tasted rather bland. >.< The chicken meat was also very oily.
Meant to be a burger, so I sandwiched the chicken steak between the pancakes. I do not think that the taste matches thou.
Mini Dollar Pancake Sundae. This was nice. Ok, so pancake still goes best with sweet stuff!

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