Sunday, 14 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #23 @ Persiaran Queensbay

Approaching Queensbay Mall, there are stalls lining along Persiaran Queensbay, selling different types of food like grilled jagung, burger, char kway tiao, fried chicken, BBQ chicken etc. 
Walking along the bay, we came across this stall selling something different at a very cheap price. Four sticks for RM1.00 only. It's fish satay. 
Looks like Satay. 
Next is the BBQ Chicken Butt (RM1.00). This stall sells BBQ Chicken Wings too, but when we got there, the wings were sold out.
Yummy yummy. Very well-marinated. Big piece of chicken butt with meat. Best BBQ Chicken Butt ever!

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