Monday, 22 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #27 @ ChinaHouse, Lebuh Pantai

Have been hearing about ChinaHouse since I first came to Penang about their delicate and delicious cakes. Happened to pass by when we were on our hunt for Penang Ernest Zacharevic Murals and so, we dropped by to get some "air-conditioning" and of course, the CAKES!!
The bar counter upon entering
Tada~~ Cakes!!
More CAKES that do not require chilling
A slice of Tiramisu with Kahlua (RM15)! Out of so many types of cakes, I chose this as it was SO SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my peeps. I must say it was very different from the Tiramisu I had tasted before. Lots of peanuts, giving you bites of crunchiness, cover the Kahlua-added soft cream coffee Tiramisu cake which is just right in taste. YUM YUM!! 

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