Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #21 @ Tao-Cuisine, Penang Times Square

My Penang food hunting journey was not all just about hawker food. I also had the chance to try Tao Eat-all-you-can Buffet! Yeah! Had been longing to try this! I'm finally here to have my pre-birthday celebration. There are a few Tao-Cuisine branches in Penang and we went to the one in Penang Times Square which has the grilling and teppanyaki section where the one in JuroCity lacks of. However, you have to pay more for that. At the price of RM62 (excluding service and government tax), we got to enjoy lots of yummy yummy food!! :D 
The nice dining area

Let's start off with the food available. 
They have the grilling station where you pick your choice of food, clip your given clips of your table number and pass to the waiter. Once your food is ready, they will send it to your table.
The Teppanyaki Masters
Sushisss~~ Did not touch any of these as rice makes you full and FAT!!
Sashimi Corner
Oh yeah~~ Salmon!
Fresh Tuna
Looks very special..
All the side dishes
Healthy choice: Fruits and Salads 

Desserts Section. Gotta leave some space for desserts~~ =P~
Hot pot anyone??
 Look what I got from all the available stations:

Cashew nuts. I had taken quite a number of them.
Oysters and Salmons. I had more plates of Salmons besides from these. :D

Random side dishes. Bits of all to try.
Grilled mushroom, beef and chicken
More grilled beef and chicken. Fantastic satays!
Grilled mushrooms seasoned with chilli flakes.
Something from the Teppanyaki Station. Salmons, sea cucumber, beef etc. Cooked with black pepper sauce. Awesome!
 OK. Here comes the dishes we ordered from the menu.
Steamed Thai Lala
Ebi Fried Kani Mayo - Deep Fried Prawn
Jade Scallop
Steamed Cod Fish
Crabmeat with Cheese. I love this! CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE!!!
Ika Spicy Age
Another dish with Salmon! Don't quite like the onions thou. Could not recall the name of the dish.
Lamb Teriyaki. Slurppss~~
Don like this so forgotten what was this. HAHA!
Mint Lamb. This was GOOD! Soft and tender lamb meat with great taste, but the portion was big.
Motoyaki Scallop. Yuhoo!! This was really nice. Scallops baked in Mayonnaise Sauce.
Kaki Hiroyaki - Baked Mussels. YUM YUM!
Salmon Teriyaki. I like everything that has to do with salmon. :)
Miso Yaki. Nice too.
Ponzu Sake. 
Salmon Papaya. New and special taste. Fresh salmon does go along well with cold and sweet papaya!
Chuka Idako. Sweet Octopus~~
 We reordered some of the dishes as they were really good!
Finally, the meal ends with desserts!
Not forgetting to mention. Apart from good food, they have really good service, changing our plates occasionally, clearing our table to fit more food, provide good recommendations on our food order and of course, serving us with smiles :) If I'm still in Penang, I will definitely revisit this place.


PhoeBe C said...

i came across ur blog when i search for tao...

does sashimi and teppanyaki included in the rm46 during lunch on weekdays?
if no.. mind telling me about it?

PhoeBe C said...

and is there any difference between the lunch n dinner?

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