Sunday, 21 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #26 @ Siam Road Char Kway Teow

There are a couple of famous Penang Char Kway Teow like Ah Leng's and the Sisters'. Due to high tourists' demand, these places are selling at a very HIGH price like RM7-9. I think it's kinda insane to have CKT at the price of that. +, good food requires a long wait. So as the one I'm trying out at Siam Road! However, they are charging at a reasonable price. Heard that this old uncle operates around 330pm and there are lots of people queing for the Char Kway Teow before he starts his business. WaiHong Coffee Shop which is located just opposite the CKT stall benefits from it as many order drinks while waiting for the CKT at the coffee shop. There were really lots of people waiting at the coffee shop and we do not even have a place to sit. We shared with an old aunty who finds it fascinating and impressing that we 2 Kuching people can manage to dig out this local Penangites' favourtie CKT spot. :D

Skillful Uncle stir-frying the Char Kway Teow with one hand and fanning the charcoal fire with another hand.
CKT (RM4). Finally our order had arrived. Waited approximately 30mins. Not too bad, just that it was really hot that afternoon. OK! Back to my CKT story. I must say it was really really good!!!!!!!! Very fragrantly stir-fried with all the fresh ingredients. Slight touch-up with some chili to give the CKT some spice. AWESOME!!

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