Saturday, 27 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #30 @ Raja Uda Tom Yam Porridge

Tom Yam Porridge is said to be one of Butterworth's signature dishes. Like the Yam Rice, there are a couple of recommended places, but the one we were heading to was the most highly recommended. There was no signboard, so yea, we found our place according to ppl's blog. The place was said to start their business at 630pm, but we reached at 6. We eventually thought that the place was not open yet and waited in car. 15 mins later, I decided to take a peep and the shop was open. Without any hesitation, we we walked our way to the shop and this came to our mind:
"OMG! There were already people waiting inside??!" 

Well.. We did the same, ordered our drinks and waited. Once they were ready for business, everyone rushed for their turns.
Picking the ingredients to be cooked with your preferred choice of porridge, beehoon or mee.

Tom Yam Porridge with Deep Fried Fish Fillet, Pork Intestine, Kidney, Mushrooms, Minced Meat etc. Forgotten what were added actually. Hehe~ When I first heard of Tom Yam Porridge, I was like "Really? Wouldn't it be too sour and spicy to have it as a porridge?". But hey, it was delicious! Never tasted anything like this before. It was slightly sour, sweet and spicy in taste. Then the chosen fresh ingredients gives the dish extra flavor. 
Had another bowl of Tom Yam Beehoon with Minced Pork, Pork Intestine, Kidney, Pork Balls, Mushrooms and Vegetables. Tom Yam Beehoon is something more common, but what matters most was their Tom Yam Soup. Every stall has their own way of cooking.
Can you imagine 2 big bowls of these with lots of tasty and fresh ingredients for only RM14?? I must say food at Butterworth were really cheap!


Unknown said...

Hi Jasmine,

This Tom Yam porridge really new to me. i believe i will make a tour there shortly.

Thanks you for sharing.

Wong ,

Unknown said...

Hi Wong, must try!

siewlingchaw said...

hi may i know what is the exact name of this restaurant ? :(

Unknown said...

Hi Siew ling, I'm afraid they do not have a name. But it's next to Wimway Auto Marketing. Probably you can use that as your guideline? :)

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