Monday, 31 March 2014

OK3 Kopitiam Dim Sum Galore

I always like to try out new food and so, for breakfast option, dim sum is something which you can enjoy a couple of different food choices. However, it's kinda fattening, so I don't always go for it. Back to OK3 Kopitiam, this time bringing George. 
After some surveying, George ordered this - chicken, char sio and crispy roasted pork rice set (RM8 if not mistaken). For this portion, I think it was quite worth it. Furthermore, it's quite tasty! :)
Ok.. My turn to hunt for food. And haha~~ George was shocked to see me coming back with trays of dim sums! LOL! We first saw the couple behind ordering a lot and just commented about it. And I came back even more!! He was totally stunted! HAHAHAHA!

The Lo Mai Gai and Custard Yolk Bun were good. The rest were just ok la.. 

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