Saturday, 22 March 2014

Korean grill @ Fusion Grill

Located at Brighton Square, Fusion Grill has been around for some time, but never had the chance to visit. It's named Fusion Grill as they serve different types of cuisines like Western and Korean. We were there that night as we wanted to try Korean grill. When we arrived, we were brought by the friendly waitress to their one-and-only seating on the 2nd floor (as if we booked the place for romantic dining). LOL! One thing troublesome was we had to take off our shoes. 

Zaigle Fusion Grill - Large (RM78). The platter which we ordered. We were expecting to grill it ourselves, but they actually did that for us. George was a lil bit disappointed cos he wanted to experience the grilling process. 
Nice combinations we had to go along with the side dishes to be wrapped in lettuce. A combination of chilled pork belly, beef kalbi, German sausages and some mushrooms.
Banchan (side dishes) available - Kimchi, shredded carrot strips and mushrooms.
Mashed Potatoes (RM6). Quite good.
I must say I enjoyed our dinner here. Will be back for other dishes. :D

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