Saturday, 15 March 2014

CNY 3rd Day

It's our last day in KL and so, we decided not to stick around Bukit Bintang area. We took the free shuttle bus (Go-KL City Bus) from Starhill/Pavilion to KLCC. There are 2 lines - purple and green lines. We were supposed to take the green line, but ended up in a tour around KL city. HAHA! The buses were the same and we did not notice which line we were in and just hopped into the bus without asking. >.<

Reaching KLCC safely and "finally", we did not spend much time there and got onto the train to Mid Valley Megamall. First thing we did: Hunting for food!
Durian Pancake from Sumptuous Dessert (RM12 for 6). Many were raving about this yummy durian flesh embedded pancake, so I must try! It was really good!!! Love it!!! True and tasty durian flesh was used with a little bit of cream inside. This was so so so much better yet cheaper than my purchase back in Kuching from a Facebook dealer. Must get it again next time!
We went for Korean food at one of the outlets at The Gardens' food court - Food Gardens.
The set that we ordered. Forgotten what was it. Something like Tom Yam seafood soup. 

Side dishes given.
During the CNY, The Gardens also did not fail to set up some CNY decorations around and many were taking their sweet time to snapshot with all these old and classical decors. So did we! Hehe~

Next stop, DESSERTS again!! Yeah! Went around hunting for Delectable by Su and finally found it.

I like their tissue paper. 
Jaffa Macadamia Cake (RM12). Quite alright.
After some shopping or to be exactly correct - window shopping, it's time for dinner again. We went to Dragon-i and ta-da, these were what we got:
Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings 上海小笼包 (RM10.30). Delicious! The oozing out soup~~ 
Cold Pig Shank with Jelly Fish 燻蹄拌海蜇 (RM16). Well~ I like this! First try on cold pork dishes. Tasty~
Pomelo Mango Sago Cream (RM9). Nice mix of pomelo with lots of mangoes. 
Beijing Dumplings 北京芹菜水饺 (RM9)
Tasted some sort like the 小笼包. Nice too!

End of my trip in KL! Was back to Kuching with lots of New Year visiting! Enjoyed lots of CNY foodies! Hehe~

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