Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cheat meal @ Coffee Talk

I am into clean diet lately due to my workout plans. I am kinda obsessed with lean and trimmed abs, so had been going on strict workout meals to make my gym efforts unwasted. However, that's not everyday! How could a food lover like me stick to really clean food everyday?! Every week, I'm praying for the coming of weekends as I can eat whatever I crave for. People normally have a cheat meal per week, but I have 2 cheat days, not including parties or dinners I have to attend during weekdays. LOL!

Well~ It's not weekend today, but we just went straight to Coffee Talk for Kuching's nominated best pizza - Tom's Pizza and best burger - Pig's Barn, right after our gym session. Forget all about clean food and mumm mumm mumm! Honestly speaking, this was my first try despite all the great recommendations from people. Coffee Talk is located at Stutong, very near to our gym and we always passed by and I always wonder when will I make a visit here. Finally!

Hawaiian Pizza (RM20.00). With turkey hams, cheese and pineapples topped on the crispy oven-baked thin crust pizza. It definitely is the best thin crust pizza in Kuching. I would like more cheese thou. Maybe next time I will try the cheese pizza.

Black Devil (RM8.00). Chosen Pork Patty (mustard seared) instead of beef. Filled with Bacon, Cheese, Pickled Jalapeno, Gherkins, Horseradish Sauce, on Charcoal Bun.
Look at the delicious fillings. Tasted juicy and great. It would be even better if the buns were hot and crispy on the outside. George claimed that their Heart Attack burger is better as they embed it with crispy pork lard. Will try out that next time! :)
Matang's Honey Chicken Wings (RM2.50/wing). We did not expect much, but turned out to be quite good! Nicely BBQ sweet-tasting wings.

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