Wednesday, 12 March 2014

CNY Day 2

Continuing on my KL vacation during CNY~
As usual, we woke up for breakfast at our hotel then headed for shopping and shopping just can't go far from Bukit Bintang Area. 
Happy Chinese New Year!!
Our 1st stop was H&M. Then, we had lunch at Lot 10 Hutong.
Tempted by the awesome looking Moonlight Koay Teow (RM9.90) from Kim Lian Kee, we did not hesitate to give it a try. Not bad la~ Be sure to queue up for some time although they were quite fast in cooking.
Off to Pavilion again after lunch.

Some lion dance performances were going on and it's so crowded. They said that KL is very quiet during CNY, but it's not true from what I experienced thou.
Desserts is something not to be missed. 许留山 Hui Lau Shan is my spot for dessert-tasting. It's claimed to be a popular dessert franchise in Hong Kong especially for their mango desserts. We had to queue before being seated. Then, we were being given the menu to choose what we want and mark on their menu list. After checking and making sure our orders were correct, we waited patiently for our desserts!! :P~

Herbal Jelly with Apple in Osmanthus Jelly (RM4.90). Not my liking. Kinda bitter.

To try on the various desserts available, we went for the 3 Courses Mix & Match (RM12.90)

From the 9 choices thr, we'd chosen Mini Mango Coconut, Mango Chewy Ball and Mini Mango Crisp.
Mango Crisp. Icy chewed cake crisp with mangoes embedded. Delicious!!
Mango Chewy Ball. Iced cool mango dessert with mango pieces and chewy glutinous-tasting balls. Refreshing!
Mango Coconut. Mango Ice Cream topped together with mango pieces and coconut strips.
Time to cash out~
Look at the Q
Some more CNY decorations!

Long day of shopping must be ended with a great dinner before getting back to hotel. :D 
Off we went to the famous Bar-BQ Plaza, located at Sungai Wang Plaza. Our order was easy. Just got ourselves the Family Set and that's it.

Ready for some Korean BBQ folks~
Given with pork lard which I insisted not wanting to use it. :P
Garlic Rice or White Rice to go along.
So here came our sets.
Seafood, mushrooms, squids, chicken slices, avocado, udon and of cos lots of cabbages which we cooked them in the water-filled side of the grilling plate.
Another plate of meat - beef, lamb and pork to really grill on. Given with lots of veges as well.
Great dinner for just RM78.20 including green teas and coke for drinks, towel and taxes!!

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