Saturday, 22 March 2014

Date with Mum @ Wakakaka Cafe

I always tell my mum about the good food I enjoyed and finally, we were here at Wakakaka Cafe to let her enjoy their specialties. Actually, I wanna try their other dishes too. :D
Mushroom Soup (RM5.80). Very rich soup, accompanied great with crunchy garlic bread.
Ice Cream (RM2.00). Love their homemade ice cream, but should have requested to come last after the meal. Desserts always come the last, don't they?
Bruschetta Cheesy Bread (RM16.80). Topped with thick thick layer of cheese, tomatoes, onions and basil leaves. Lovely!! Cos I love cheese!! But mum did not like this much. She prefers just plain garlic bread.
Lavish Lamb Salad (RM22.80). This was not just salad to me! More like a main course cos the portion was big. Great-tasting sweet grilled lamb chop topped on the Romaine lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers with hard-boiled eggs. Highly recommended!!
We sure did enjoy our dinner!! =p~

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