Monday, 20 May 2013

Perak Cave Temple

Before we could hunt for more Ipoh's famous food, we had to allow some food digestion first. To aid in our digestion process, we searched for Ipoh's places of interest and what we got was all the caves. Thus, we decided to head to the famous tourists' attraction: Perak Cave Temple (霹雳洞). Spotted lots of limestone along our way and Perak Cave is one of the limestone caves.
Upon reaching the temple, there's a brief description and history on Perak Cave Temple, printed on this rock. 
Parking spaces available.
Entrance into the temple

Some of the huge drawings on the wall. Am impressed of how they manage to paint on those slanted walls.
Statues in the temple
More photos of us :p

Looking down~

HAHA!! Ty looked so innocent.
They are such a cute, sweet and interactive couple.. :D
We did not reach the top as we were not in our proper attire. That's enough and lazy Ty claimed that his Dim Sums we had in Foh San's had been digested. >.< Alright then. Stay tuned for our next foodie destination! :)

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