Sunday, 26 May 2013

Laneige Korean Beauty Blogger Contest

K-pop has been blooming in Malaysia in recent years. Their music, fashion, make-ups or can I say "everything", have strong affections to youngsters. One very important feature about Korean celebrities is that they have extremely flawless, fair and beautiful-looking skin! Even the male artists have that coveted skin complexion! :O

Yearning to have such fair and lovely skin, I had tried a couple of Korean skin care products. Laneige provides the skincare range which I think suits me best! I started using Laneige skincare 2 years back as I had been receiving good feedback on the brand. Back then, there was no outlet in Kuching and I had to plead my buddies to get me my SKIN SAVER from KL when I had the chance. I was terrifically excited and happy when the first ever Laneige outlet sets foot into Kuching in The Spring Shopping Mall!

For friends who wish to try out Laneige product for the first time, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do try the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack! What do I like about it? It is easy to use and most important of all, it keeps my skin hydrated, moisturized, translucent and bright! Laneige Water Sleeping Pack acts like a mask which you apply before sleep, leaving it on face throughout the night, maximizing the infusion of the essence within it while you enjoy a good sleep. With just once or twice application a week, you could see the effect shortly. The sleeping pack is an antidote not only to my skin, but also to me. Why do I say so?? It has a soothing aroma which provides relaxation to my mind after a tiring day. :)

I wasn't a "make-up" girl until recently, I started putting on a light make-up. BB cream is something I put on to have smooth-looking and even complexion skin tone. I recently just switched to Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion and it was really good! Unlike other BB, it is very natural, blends into my skin well as if I did not put on anything. It is somehow a little bit cool when applied, providing the cooling effect. It is non-sticky, non-greasy and sweat-resistant, which is excellent when I go for badminton. With SPF 50+ PA+++, the lazy me can skip my sunscreen and just apply it after my moisturize! :-bd
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion suitable for use in any functions. Outing, dinner, party with friends! It's very long-lasting and keeps my face fresh at all times! ❤ ♡ ♥ 
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So, if you ask me which Laneige skincare product and make-up product I like it most, it would be the Water Sleeping Pack and Snow BB Soothing Cushion! Nuffnang is currently organizing the Laneige K-Beauty Blogger Contest. For gals out there inspired to have vibrant Korean Beauty, tips would be given out for the 10 lucky contest winners. So, hurry up and submit your blog! :!!

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