Thursday, 2 May 2013

Penang Food Hunt #33 @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop, Chulia Street (opposite Bomba)

2 things to get in Lam Ah Coffee Shop are the beef soup kway teow and also the crispy deep-fried oyster omeletter (O' Chien). I was in search for crispy O' Chien all these while as most Penang's O' Chien are the soggy types. Finally got what I want from this Lam Ah Coffee Shop and it was claimed to be one of the best in town. Was very fortunate that the Beef Soup Kway Teow is also very famous.
The stall is managed by a pretty young lady who was blocked by the stall.
The uncle was deep-frying the O' Chien.
O' Chien (RM5). Yummy and crispy! Glad that it was worth our 30 mins drive.
Beef Soup Kway Teow (RM8). Alright. I must say this was really good. For beef eaters, you will enjoy the rich taste of beef in the soup. I wonder how much beef is needed to yield this strong and flavorful beef aroma~ Nice! This is really what people call as BEEF soup!

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