Sunday, 10 February 2013

Last Day of Dragon Year

It’s the last day of the DRAGON year! Time to update my blog~ Have to leave my previous posts aside first. =P

What’s important about the day before Chinese New Year? Reunion Dinner matters the most. It is a tradition that all family members will reunite and have a feast! This is the time of the year when everyone gets together. 

Reunion Dinner is not something easy. There's a lot of preparation that has to be done prior the heavy meal. Been helping my mum out since early morning even though I did not do much.. Hehe.. 

I had a Reunion Lunch with my family, having 6 awesome dishes of curry chicken, sour pork leg(猪脚酸), sweet fried chicken feet, Loh duck, mixed vege, and cabbage soup.

After 2 hours, I had another Reunion Meal at my friend's place. They have really lots of family members, so having lots of dishes as well and we have to eat in buffet style. 

Guess what?! I have a total of 3 reunion meals. LOL! I have my final meal at my granny's place with my uncles, aunties and cousins.

Left out a fish in my pic. Already start eating before the fish came. :)
These sumptuous meals were not the end of the day. 

Counting down~~~~~~~~~~~~
While we were bored
With my hairstylist.. Haha!
Messy hair after all the styling
Supper supper supper!!! :D
As the clock ticks... Tick Tock Tick Tock~~~
It's 12am!!

Happy Chinese New Year!! Wishing all a blessed Snaky Year ahead!

The fireworks and crackers lasted for about half an hour or more starting from 1145pm. Nice! Love all the fireworks!

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