Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Thai Lunch

Ok.. I know it has been ages since my last blog. :P I'm back now!! :D 
And of cos, back to FOOD blogging!! Hehe.. 
Had this Thai set lunch at Siam Express in Queensbay Mall. Brought our Russian trainer from Singapore to enjoy hot and spicy food! Watch his face go real red after the meal. Haha! Our set lunch of RM115+ comprised of the Lemongrass Chicken as appetizer, Mango Salad, Tomyum Seafood Soup, main dishes of Green Curry Chicken, Steamed Seabass and Kangkung with Belacan, and 4 complimentary steamed rice and Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk. This set was meant for 4 person, but we came in a group of 5 which was already very filling for us. I wonder how can 4 person finish all these.
Mango Salad. First came the mango salad. Very appetizing.
Tomyum Seafood Soup. Hot, Sour and Spicy! Nice!
Lemongrass Chicken. Couldn't taste any bits of lemongrass. Fried stuffs are normally out of my list. :D 
Green Curry Chicken. Quite nice. Slightly sweet in taste. Rich and creamy. Goes well with rice, but I did not take any rice. Trying to avoid the extra calories from rice. HAHA!

Kangkong with Belacan.
Steamed Seabass. The seabass was steamed in sweet and slightly sour sauce, together with lots of vegetables. I enjoyed the vegetables alot. :)
The fish was bubbling sauce out from its mouth!! LOL! 
Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk. Lastly came the dessert. Ahh~~ A meal ends great with something cold!
Ok.. A full stomach always lead to a sleepy day later on. :P

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