Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentine's Day Celebration ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ

Where would be the best dining place during Valentine's? It is a norm for many couples to dine out in a romantic environment, enjoying their 3- or 4-course meals. You must book early to get you and your partner a place. If not, you would end up being "halau" as the place is full and in the end, you would have to "enjoy" your Valentine's at hawker centers. To avoid being "slaughtered" by these restaurants in this very special occasion, I decided to cook ourselves a 4-course dinner. :D 

I planned our dinner a week ahead, having appetizer, starter, main dish and also dessert. 
Tadaa~~ Prepared Valentine's Menu of my own! :D
I had started preparing a day earlier with my coleslaw and also marinating the beef. On the day itself, it took me 3 hours to prepare all the dishes including Mushroom and Peppercorn sauces, and also some side dishes to accompany the main dishes. Additional 1/2 hour was required for the dessert which I left it in the oven while we were having dinner.

Cheese Mayo Mussels. YUMMY!!
Jalapeno Beef with side dishes of roasted broccoli and carrots, and also mashed potatoes.

Crispy Skin Salmon.. Sedap.. :)
Forgotten to take photos of the Coleslaw, and Mac and Cheese. All the dishes tasted not too bad except the Mac and Cheese. It's not as creamy as I wanted it to be and lack of flavor. Hmm.. Needs to be improved!

Finally, my hot Chocolate Lava Cake topped with cold Vanilla Ice Cream. The cake had a crispy outer skin, but it did not have the overflowing chocolate as I wanted it to be when we cut it open. Sad.. :( Overcooked I guessed.


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