Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Late dinner @ 3rd Mile Market

Again, I'm here at 3rd Mile Night Market. Having something different this time. As I was really hungry, I ordered Goh Bee Teng (五味汤) for dessert which I normally would not. 
Goh Bee Teng (五味汤) (~RM2.00) is a sweet shaved ice dessert having 5 different ingredients. The one served from the stall I ordered from, which is on the right when you walked up the stairs, had ingredients like barley, agar-agar,  sea bird-nest/seaweed jelly, dried persimmon, white fungus, sago pearls and gingko nuts. It's actually more than 5 ingredients.
We ordered a Silver Needle Noodle (老鼠粉) with Wanton and also a Kolo Kueh Teow from the famous No.8 stall. 
Silver Needle Noodle (老鼠粉) with Wanton (RM4.00). Just RM1.00  for the additional Wanton added. So cheap! And most important of all, it tasted real good. 
Kolo Kueh Teow (RM3.00). Tasted as good as the well. Same broth actually. Just that flat noodles were used in this dish.
As usual, Kueh Chap (RM4.00) is something we usually won't miss when we have dinner here. The portion seemed to have reduced.

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