Friday, 2 November 2012

Western Lunchie @ Dave's Deli, Queensbay Mall

I remembered my first time walking past Dave's Deli where I smelled a strong and savory aroma from the restaurant. It's located at the ground floor of Queensbay Mall, just next to the escalator. With the very western looking of the restaurant, I thought that the food should be kind of pricey. As we had a long lunch break on Friday, we visited Dave's Deli. Out of my expectation, the food pricing is totally reasonable. Wen Yin and I shared the Dave's Original Quarter Chicken as we did not want to have a heavy lunch. For me, I would definitely feel sleepy during training if I had heavy lunch.

Dave's Deli Quarter Chicken (RM15.90). This was really good. We had the drumstick and thigh part. Some people prefer to have breast and wings thou. Love the sauce! The mashed potatoes! The salads! The meat was well-roasted and blended well with the sauce. The mashed potatoes were so smooth that it could melt in the mouth. I never like salads, but the salad here was really good. Slightly sweet and most important of all, it did not give the "raw" taste of vegetables.
AWESOME LUNCH! Would definitely come back for more. Alvin had Beef Rissole which looked very tempting as well. Might try that the next visit. :D

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