Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dave's Deli Again~~ :D

Back to Dave's Deli again. Yuhoo~ This time I'm here for dinner with my family. 
Dave's Deli Original Quarter Chicken (RM15.90). I recommended my dad to have this. Unfortunately, they were running out of thigh and drumstick, so my dad went for breast and wing. That doesn't matter because he still complimented on the dish. The breast meat was not dry, but instead it's soft and juicy. Yummy!
Beef Rissole (RM15.90).  Rissole means minced meat wrapped or rolled in small pastry-enclosed croquette which is later fried. I tried this Beef Rissole this time despite that I'm so in love with the Dave's Original as it looked really good when Alvin ordered that day. Kinda disappointing was that it's just beef patty like what you get in burgers. Nevertheless, the dish was flavorful, the mashed potatoes and salads were as great as usual. I guessed the rissole was just the only downside of the dish.  It would be awesome if it's real meat.
Onions, Carrots, Bell Peppers topped on the beef patty to add to its flavor. Frankly speaking, I dislike the onions. Haha.  
Lamb Shank (RM24.50). Dad and I ordered Lamb Shank for mum. Lamb chop was her original order, but it's out of stock, so we upgraded her course to lamb shank. However, she did not like it. ZZZ.. To me, it was nice~ The lamb shank was tender, cooked to perfection, covered in tomato sauce with added herbs and spices. I love the dish. 
Crunchy toasted bread were served along with the dish. Delicious!

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