Sunday, 4 November 2012


Had been hearing about Domino's Pizza since a long time! Never try it until now. I was there with Kai Sing as they were offering the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. We were there at 1130am, but then we were asked to wait for an hour as they had to prepare for the delivery orders. After waiting and waiting desperately, we finally got to place our order! But~~ Thru their website. It took us quite some time to order online via our iPhone. Should have told us earlier on so that we could do that during our LONG wait! =.=

Anyway, we had 2 regular pizzas. I chose a flavor and the other one was chosen by Kai Sing.
Our Pizzas! On the left we had Classic Hand Tossed Crust Pizza with Meat Mania as the topping and on the right was Tuna Temptation New York Crust Pizza. People who know me surely can tell which was my choice. Not going to reveal here~~ :D
Tuna Temptation New York Crust Pizza
A closer view. Look at the cheese~~ Yummy!!
Meat Mania Classic Hand Tossed Crust Pizza
A closer view. Lots and lots of meat~ Awesome!! 
Both pizzas were great! I actually wish to order a spicy one, but Kai Sing said she did not want to have anything spicy. As for the crust, I prefer the Classic Hand Tossed Crust. New York Crust was thin and crunchy, but I prefer to have chewy dough texture. These 2 pizzas were way too much for 2 thin gals like us. 2 to 3 pieces were enough for me, but I forced myself to take another piece. Then, both of us took home 2 pieces. Should have call along another person ye~

Kuching should have DOMINO'S!!

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