Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lunch with training buddies!

Our training program group has a total of 34 members, so it would be hard to stick in a whole gang for lunch as all of us have our own preferences for food and I do not think many places can fit all of us. I normally stick with my friends to have our Chinese-preferred cuisine, but this time I joined the big group for Malay cuisine. I always like to join them, but I can't abandon my friends, so I just hop onto different gang on different days. :D

My Malay friends took me to this Tanduk Cafe located behind Bukit Jambul Mall. As usual, Malay cafes normally serve fast food like curry, rendang etc., but this shop also have other food varieties like chicken rice which looked nice because my friends ordered, Char Kway Tiao, BeeHoon Soup and so on. 
Kway Tiao Soup (RM3.50). As I wanted to have something warm and mild in taste, I had this. Generous amount of beef was given. Worth the price! The taste was ok too.

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