Friday, 19 July 2013

Yong Kwang Coffee Shop 荣光茶室

Yong Kwang Coffee Shop 荣光茶室 is an old coffee shop at Kenyalang, which serves a variety of nice hawker food including Kolo Mee, Chicken Rice, Stir-Fried Dishes, Rojak, Nyonya Kueh etc. This place is my usual hunt for Spare Part Mee. Haha! What do I mean by that?? See for yourself:

Spare Part Mee (RM4). Spare Part = Pork Innards. All the Pork Livers and Intestines! Love it! Of cos, you can go for other types of ingredients like Seafood or the normal Kolo Mee. The noodles were deliciously cooked as well, but sometimes the dish might go wrong as it might not be salty. Not really standardized. However, it could be very nice at some times.
Rojak. Not bad, but rather small portion.
The Nyonya Kueh here are very nice too like the Kuih Talam and Ham Chi Peng. Some of the kuehs are only available around 9am, but might finish around noon especially on weekends.

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