Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fun and memorable trip to an undercover food paradise, Kampung Siniawan

Why do I say it’s a fun and memorable trip? It all began when we were on the wrong route to Kampung Siniawan. We were supposed to take the old Kuching-Bau Road, but we were on the new road. We only realised we took the longer track when we were quite far ahead, so instead of getting back to the old road which would take us more time, we headed to the road with a road sign to “Kampung Siniawan”. Kinda adventurous, aren’t we? Well.. Actually I was referring to Waze which showed that the place seemed reachable by that way. Waze eventually showed that we had reached our destination about 10 mins drive, but we did not see any signs of the town, so we stopped by to ask the locals. Then, he said, it’s just ahead, but you have to cross the river. We were all stunned!! We were all too hungry to go one round using the other route, so we just parked there, like many others did, and took sampan. LOL! 

On the boat. We paid RM0.50/person to get across.
So, here we are!

Singing stage. You eventually have to pay to sing. Haha.
Some of the stores there:

Only open on Friday and Saturday night.
Gui Ling Gao as a hot day remedy
Deep-fried Yam Kueh. Nice~
Kueh Chap (RM4). Very good. Strong herbal smell! 
Deep-fried fish-paste tofu and nice Chai Kueh.
ABC. Surprisingly delicious.
Kolo Mee
BBQ 3 Layer Pork (RM10). Awesome!! 
 The food here were all quite up to standard. Didn't expect such great food in this small town. Heard that the peng hu was good too, but we were there too late. :(

The sampan we took. Hehe~

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