Tuesday, 23 July 2013

BCCK Ramadhan Buffet 2013

The yearly BCCK Ramadhan Buffet is back! I had missed my chance last year, so nothing could stop me this time! :P Being as early birds, we bought our tickets at RM70/person instead of the normal price of RM75. Before we enter, we had to produce our tickets at the check-in counter in which we would be given our table numbers which we booked earlier on. 
The entrance to the hall where the FOODs were!

Starting with the Appetizers Section. They have Sambal Tempoyak, Ulam, Umai, Keropok, Cold Dish, Poached Prawns on Ice, Smoked Salmon etc. with condiments
Poached Prawns on Ice and Tenggiri Cuts. Nice and Fresh!
Salmon! One dish that finishes fast! Kinda salty actually. 
Cold cuts
Some Japanese dishes like Sushis and salads
The BCCK hall was separated into two corners by food stalls. Some of the food stalls available are the signature Roasted Whole Lamb, Shawarma with Pita Bread, Chicken Rice, Char Siew Chicken, Ikan Bakar, Satay Malaysia, Ice Kacang etc.
Chicken Rice which looked good. Did not manage to try. >.<
Ice Kacang with Condiment. You could select the ingredient yourself instead of having the "mix everything" or rather known as ABC.
Ikan Bakar Station. The chef grilled the fish on the spot. Found that many were queuing for this.
Shawarma with Pita Bread. My favorite stall!
Cucur Pisang and Apple. The Cucur Apple was good.
Roasted Whole Lamb with Condiment. I preferred my lamb meat to be flooded with the Mushroom Sauce. Slurpsss~~ The meat was so soft, roasted to perfection!
Char Siew Chicken. Nice! The chicken meat was so tender yet juicy, without losing its sweet Char Siew flavor!
Roti Canai & Kuah Dhall. My friends said this was good too!

Satay Malaysia. The Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce was definitely a promising dish. 
All the Kampung Feast dishes like Curry/Rendang Lamb which I loved!, Chicken Briyani Gam, Bubur Daging and so much more!
Cakes Cakes Cakes!!! OMG!!! So much! SONGSSS! The Kek Lapis, Chocolate and Cheese Cake, Banana Cake, Hot Chocolate Cake (←←AWESOME!!) were desserts you should not miss. Although the pies looked very nice too, but my tummy was too occupied. :(

Some local Malay Kueh
More desserts! Puddings and mousses. Obviously, I did not manage to try all despite that I love desserts. 
White Chocolate Fondue. My first-time to encounter white chocolate. Delicious! You could have it when it's hot or eat it cool as the chocolate will harden! Oh yea~
Now, take a look at some of the stuffs I had!

Introducing you the Shawarma with Pita Bread. This was so good that I had two of this. The first one I had the original version, as for my second piece, I went for just plain Kebab in Pita Bread without those veges and with more Sauce. Delicious!! Craving for it now! Gosh~
My self-mixed ABCs. I did not want the Sirap Bandung and it tasted great!
Looking at all these dishes, how I wish I could go back for more!! :P~
Anyway, we ended our dining with group photos!! :D
With my Swinburne gang!
The Fun Gang! LOL!
:) Our faces looked big here.

We just love to have fun! :D

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