Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Taipei Day 3

It's the 3rd day of my Taipei trip. Starts my day with the scrumptious breakfast at Checkers, Caesar Park Hotel. 

What I had for breakfast: XP

A pic outside the hotel. 
Taipei Railway Station just across the street from Caesar Park Hotel.
Rooftop of Caesar Park Hotel
 Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall 
MRT: Taipei Main Station ⟶ Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Exit 5 (Tamsui Line towards Xindian)
Price: NT16
Duration: ~5mins
Time spent to visit: ~1 hour

The first destination we headed that morning was Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. We thought that it was best to visit such places in the morning to avoid the scorching hot sun.
Can you see the tiny me??
Liberty Square
Posing in front of the Memorial Hall. Taken with 2 different cameras. Which is better?

We eventually took turns to take picture with the statue and the "fake-looking" guards.
He looks fake, right?? But he's for real!! He did not even wink! Very impressive!!!
Paying a visit around and learning the history of Chiang Kai-Shek. 
"He" looked so real.

 Taipei 101
MRT: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Station Taipei City Hall Station
(Tamsui Line, switching to Nangang Line at Taipei Main Station)
Price: NT20
Duration: ~15mins trip

At Taipei City Mall Station, approach the information center for proper guidance to the bus stop to take the free shuttle bus to Taipei 101 Mall.
Bus: Taipei 101 free shuttle bus (operates from 11am till 10pm)
Duration: ~15mins trip
Long queue
Taipei 101. Taiwan's highest building. I'm gonna get to the top!!
Follow me to the Observatory Ticketing Counter. Took the lift to the 4th floor and took the escalator to the 5th.

The ticketing counter
Got my ticket @ NT450 with my Youth Card
Ready to get on-board on the World's Fastest Lift.Passenger Elevator with speed of 1010m/min, so it took us roughly 30 seconds only to reach the top.
Impressive stars visualization at the ceiling of the lift accompanied with soothing music. 

Views of Taipei City from the 89th floor!
Wanna take a closer view?

Mail postcards from Taipei 101 Observatory. The green one is to local PO box, whereas the red one is for overseas'.

Moving to the 90F
The 90th floor is the outdoor observatory

It's so bright! Could hardly open my eyes~

Going down to the 88th floor to see the wind damper
Warm welcomes by damper babies
Huge wind damper to protect Taipei 101 against earthquakes and typhoon.

After photo-shooting with damper babies, next was to the Coral Sculpture Gallery. They really have a huge collection of beautiful coral sculptures.

MRT: Taipei City Hall Station ⟶ Houshanpi Station (Nangang Line towards Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station)
Price: NT16
Duration: ~5mins

Went to Wufenpu again in the afternoon to hunt for more clothes. Haven't have enough yet! LOL!

 Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街
MRT: Houshanpi Station ⟶ Tamsui Station (Nangang Line towards Yongning Station, switching to Tamsui Line towards Tamsui)
Price: NT48
Duration: ~45mins

Tamsui Station. Take the exit on your left, walk along the waterfront and you will spot the crowded Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街.
Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街. Got there around 445pm and yea, it's time to hunt for food!

Baby pram for dogs? Haha.

Iron eggs 铁蛋 (NT10)
Famous Tamsui's A-Gei 淡水阿給 (NT45). Yummy!! Glass noodles / Tanghoon in beancurd served in their flavorful specialty spicy sauce.
Deep-fried Vegetarian Mushrooms (NT50). Loving the juicy mushrooms!
黑猪肉香肠 (NT40) and 花枝丸 (NT10). I personally like the sausage cos of its tasty and chewy texture. As for the 花枝丸, it tasted just like deep-fried fish balls. Not my liking.
晴光紅豆餅 (NT10). I really  this!! Don be surprised and chased away by the queue cos it is really good. Generous amounts of red bean served in the crispy pancake! Served hot as the pancakes were made on the spot. 
Bitter Melon Drink. Surprisingly, it was quite refreshing and not bitter at all.
Mix of Chocolate and Vanilla Yogurt Ice Cream (NT15). Awesome dessert to take in summer! Tasted much better than the one I had in Ximending.
Tamsui Waterfront
Stunning view

 Fisherman's Wharf 漁人碼頭
Bus: Tamsui Station Bus Stop ⟶  Fisherman's Wharf 漁人碼頭 (Take Bus R26)
Price: <NT50 (forgotten. Hehe.)
Duration: ~30mins

At Lover's Bridge. 
I really love the sight from here especially the building behind.

Came here just in time for the beautiful sunset. Everybody's busy taking photos and videos; and there were lots of couples.

Getting dark and the lights were on, giving the bridge extra shine.

 Taipei Main Station Underground Malls 
Bus: Fisherman's Wharf 漁人碼頭  Tamsui Station (From the same stop you got down from the bus, take Bus R26 back to Tamsui Station)
Price: <NT50 
Duration: ~30mins

At Tamsui Station,
MRT: Tamsui Station  Taipei Main Station Station (Tamsui Line towards Xindian)

Price: NT40 
Duration: ~30mins

At Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, there were 4 malls namely Station Front Metro Mall (Z), Taipei City Mall (Y), Taipei New World Mall (K) and Zhongshan Metro Mall (R). Hunting for more clothes especially at Z and Y Malls.
Our "achievement" for the day! HAHA!
Had our dapao sushis for dinner-supper from this awesome Sushi Take-Out 爭鮮 Store. Imagine all these just for NT130! Nice and cheap! Could be paid with Easy Card too.
Bubble Milk Teas (NT35 for large) from Share Tea 歇脚亭.  Tasted rather OK.. My personal opinion was that the 招牌珍珠奶茶 was better than the 奶绿.

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