Thursday, 23 August 2012

First Visit to iChef Cuisine

iChef Cuisine is a new restaurant in town, which is just located next to CityOne. I had been longing to try out the western food there, so I finally set foot on this new dining place on last Tuesday. Another reason we plan our visit there was due to my "expiring soon" Groupon voucher. Too bad I did not bring my camera along, so I had to use my phone camera to capture all those mouth-watering dishes. So, the Groupon voucher offered Spaghetti Carbonara (you can choose either beef or chicken) and a mushroom soup. We also ordered Cheese-baked Oysters as appetizer and another main course of Lamb Shank. They also serve Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef, but it's $$$.

First came the Spaghetti Carbonara . I thought the appetizer should come first. Anyway, the taste was not that rich, more to a milky taste. Even though I opt for the beef, it still tasted like bacon that are normally served in Spaghetti Carbonara. 

 Spaghetti Carbonara (beef)

Next came the complimentary mushroom soup. It also had a milky taste with some spices inside. The garlic bread was crunchy, but kinda of salty.

 Mushroom soup

We also ordered cheese-baked oysters.. Love it!! The taste was just ok, but i just love OYSTERS! One of the oysters had just the right taste as the cheese used was rich enough, but only 1/3 had the perfect taste. This plate was kind of pricey.. RM24 just for 3 pieces of oysters..

 Cheese-baked Oysters

Finally, here comes the savoring Lamb Shank.. The lamb shank was well-cooked and tender. The mashed potatoes served along was also good (or maybe I just like mashed potatoes, so I'm not that particular?). Haha.. Anyway, I love this dish and I think it is worth the value of RM30.90.

Lamb Shank

Overall, they offered good eating surrounding and nicely displayed food, but the taste was just ok. 

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