Tuesday, 28 August 2012

BirthdaySSS Weekend

Ada's 21st Birthday

My previous weekend was pre-booked with friends' birthdays. First was my buddy, Ada's birthday, celebrated at the New Satay House or also known as Hap Chen Hian Satay House. They have a stall at the Hui Sing Hawker Centre, selling delicious on-the-spot BBQ satay, especially pork ones. I have never been to the restaurant which is located at Rubber Road despite their decades of history. I personally think that the food served were quite nice. Definitely had an enjoyable and filling dinner. =D
Close-up photo
Black Forest Birthday Cake from Secret Recipe 
Birthday girl with leng lui
Birthday Girl with Cute Baby

Finally got a shot with the birthday girl :D

Looking so shy when everybody was
singing birthday song 
Candles Blowing Session

Cake Cutting Session

Can't wait to take a bite~ Haha
Emm~~ Yummy!
Group photo
Now coming up next would be the food.
1st Round: From the left (clockwise direction) - curry chicken, mongolian pork, crispy skin duck, mixed vegetables, sweet & sour fish, fried rice and fried noodles.
2nd Round: Satay (Yum Yum!) and Crispy Duck
2nd Round: Sweet & Sour Fish with lotsss of pineapples, curry potatoes and mixed vegetables 
Red Hard Boiled Egg (Common in Chinese birthday, symbolizing prosperity) 

Some candid photos:

Birthday girl with big sister
With my buddy
Another shot with the main character of the day (Looking tall with this angle??) 
Someone's trying to act like a professional photographer 

Mudzz 21st Birthday

Celebrated Mudzz birthday at U-Garden Crystal Grill. So fulling yet satisfying. We spent the whole afternoon preparing his birthday present. We searched, compiled, edited, chose the photos and sent them for washing. Finally, we inserted the photos into the frame which took up quite a lot of time. :)

The birthday present we got him
Oreo Cheese Cake (Another wholehearted gift by friends)
Lighted Cake
Can't wait to cut his cake when
everybody's singing birthday song to him~~
(Come on.. Don't be shy Mudzz.. Haha)
Making birthday wishes

Finally.. Cake blowing session.. 
Time for cake sampling! 
Another cake reserved for their 2nd celebration after the dinner. Guess what.. It's also Oreo Cheese Cake, too! Lol! He did not know another friend was baking cake for the birthday boy as present.

Once again, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!! :)

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