Friday, 24 August 2012

Groupon snack meal by Tarot Cafe

We headed off to Tarot (Kereta api Branch) for a light dinner to use up the Groupon voucher. The voucher was worth RM18.40 value, but I only paid RM9 for it. We were served with a Godzilla(I did not take picture of this), Surimi Balls & Tako Balls or Shisamo and also a Signature Toast (you can choose from curry potato, cranberry ice cream, blueberry ice cream or mulberry ice cream).
Tako Balls (Original Price: RM4)
Surimi Balls (Original Price: RM4)
Blueberry Ice Cream Toast (Original Price: RM5.90)
The toast was used to be served like this. We were given burger bun instead this time, but it still tasted good.. 

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