Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tourist spot: Red Square / Stadthuys

Woke up as early as 730am in the morning to start our food hunt early so that we can try out more foods! Being the first to wake, I had the responsibility to wake the rest. By the time everyone were prepared, it's about 930am. Before we set out, we were provided with breakfast which the hotel management delivered straight to our doorstep around 845am. 
Breakfast of tuna and vegetable sandwiches. Just nice for me to fill my tummy while waiting for them to get ready.

The 1st food spot in my list for the day was the famous Melaka Chicken Rice Ball. As there are a couple of famous outlets, we chose Restoran Chung Wah as our pioneer choice since it was recommended by many. Situated at Jonker Street, no idea where to park at this bz area, we just turned into a nearby multi-storey car park at sight, which was located just opposite Cheng Ho Museum. Well~ The parking fee costed quite a bit of money as it is belonged to Hard Rock Cafe which we later just realized. X.X

Turning into right was the car park.

Statues placed at the Cheng Ho Museum.

Being touristy

The landmark at the beginning of Jonker Street. Not quite sure what is the purpose behind thou.

The long queue for Melaka Chicken Rice Balls!! Gosh~ 
Thanks to Charles and Kevin, we had some time to visit around when they queue.



Hi there!

Being aware that the queue was going to take some time, we walked our way to the nearby Malacca's famous Red Square or also known as Stadthuys. Stadthuys is the most prominent historical landmark of Malacca city. Built during the Dutch colonization on the ruins of Portugese, this place was established as the town hall at that time. Now, it turns into a promising tourist attraction!

Red Square

Just love the sight of the artificial windmill here.

Queen Victoria's Fountain

Christ Church. Still beautifully preserved.

Trishaw very nicely decorated with flowers and collectibles. There are really a lot around this area and many were seen taking rides around the town. 

Booths set up around. Source of income for locals. Lots of souvenirs available.

Very artistic, isn't it? Credit to----- ME! Haha!

Ok, after being a typical tourist, time to get back to join in the queue.

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