Friday, 18 July 2014

Melaka Food Hunt #5: Sun May Hiong 新味香 Pork Satay

Right after Chicken Rice for breakfast, we headed straight to Sun May Hiong for pork satay! It was not difficult to locate the place with the "Waze" app.
The place is normally very packed and crowded. Luckily the crowd had not started yet that morning. To cater for big crowds, they started "peng"-ing the satay early.

Pork on fire!
Here came our satay! Mix of pork innards as well. These Hainanese Pork Satay has pork lard cubes in between. Different from the sweet pork satay we have in Kuching, these satay was salty in taste and what made it even better was the satay sauce. Blended pineapple was added! Yumm! The sauce definitely stands out from all the satay sauce I had before as I seldom have my satay dipped in satay sauce cos I just like the sweet taste of the satay we normally have. 
Kinda clean way of preparing their foods.

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