Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Melaka Food Hunt#3: Nadeje

Very very famous as the best Mille Crepe seller in Malaysia, this shall not be missed by us! Originated from Melaka, and so now here we were was at the Dahtaran Pahlawan Mall outlet. 

Mille Crepes! Great thing to have as dessert after dinner!! 😁

Guess what?! We ordered every single crepe flavor available. We are definitely big eaters! LOL! 

Rum & Raisin
Double Chocolate
Banana Chocolate
Green Tea
Praline Lover
Cafe Mocha
Berry Berry Strawberry
Mango Yogurt
All the flavors we ordered! 12 pieces altogether! We had 2 pieces of the original flavor. I missed out taking the pics of the Malacca and Tiramisu flavors. =.= The mille crepes were really good. So soft and smooth. Each layer melted in the mouth. The flavors tasted mild and you wouldn't be complaining for having too much. Yummy! Personally loved the original, praline lover, double chocolate, banana chocolate, cafe mocha, rum and raisin and green tea the best. Sounds like loving all of them. Haha!
Photo after dessert! Desserts made everyone happy. :D
We later took a stroll to the new opening Melaka's 1st H&M store. They had this free trishaw ride to Jonker Street, but it was past 10pm already, so closed for business.
Pattern a lot. Haha!

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