Friday, 4 July 2014

Melaka River Cruise

After searching on what attractions to visit in Melaka, we came about to go on a ride on the Melaka River Cruise which only costed us RM10/person. Choosing the time around 6pm, we were hoping to enjoy the cruise and sunset view of Melaka's River. There are 2 ports to take the cruise, one at Muara Jetty and one at Taman Rempah Jetty. We took the one at Taman Rempah as suggested by some bloggers cos of the shorter queue and ease of parking. 
Model of the River Cruise Boat we are going to go on-board soon.. :D

Hoping on soon~
The overview of the landmarks which we would be passing by along the cruising journey. The cruise was said to take about 45 mins for a round trip.

Candid shots!

Sweet Sweet o~~ HAHA!
Waiting for our turns
Some snapshots before the journey began.. Just realize Charles had some cute acts in these photos ah~ Hahaha!!
Here we go...
Some very nice buildings along the way.. 
Love all these colorful murals! Surely that's something attractive to tourists.
Vroom Vroom~~

The turning back point and sun setting scene was finally seen. Was hoping the sunset views the entire trip, but it was kinda gloomy and cloudy that evening. At least there's something.
Back to our starting point. The jetty is nice, right? Lights were lighting up. Heard that the cruise views at night were fantastic too. Probably next time we would take the night river cruise when we have the chance.
So random but I love it!!  <3 <3
Heading for dinner now!! :D

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