Sunday, 19 January 2014


Nosh! or used to be Mr. Ho's Fine Foods is one of our usual western dining spot as good foods are served there!
Crispy Pork with Apple Sauce. Delicious!! Roasted to perfection. The skin was so crispy, yet maintaining the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. With the right proportion of fats and lean meat, this pork belly was perfect!
Warm Bacon and Walnut Salad. This is also a very highly recommended dish. The chef was definitely not stingy with the ingredients used. Look at the generous amounts of bacon bits added to make the salad flavorful. Chunky bits of bread crumbs and walnuts gave the salad crunchy texture at each bite. Abundant of cheese powder which offers extra great taste!
Alfredo (RM12.90). This was so rich and creamy. Whoever who loves carbonara, this could not go wrong!
Mixed Grill (RM36.90). With a mix of pork sausage, pork ribs, lamb chop, pork belly and pork chop with some side dishes. If you are craving for lots of meats, this is the best dish to go for at Nosh!
Braised Lamb Shank. The meat was tender, but the sauce was not what we preferred. 
Smoke Chicken (RM22.90), but I actually ordered Roasted Chicken and they went out of it, so they eventually recommended this to me. To my surprise, it was really good! Very deliciously marinated chicken leg and the meat was so smooth and soft! Slurpss~~
Too many good foods to try for at Nosh!

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