Saturday, 4 January 2014

Korea Trip Day 6

As usual, the 1st thg we did every morning was to have breakfast. Another buffet style breakfast.
Came across the parking facility there. Very space-saving idea.
Heavy breakfast!
1st Destination: Woongjing PlayDoci 熊津广场
Our 1st stop was Woongjing PlayDoci or actually the main attraction was SnowDoci, having the indoor skiing facilities there. We were brought there and queued with many tourists and locals to play the Snow Tubing. It was exciting. If it wasn't cos of the long queue, I might go for another ride.

There were lots of cute kinder-garden kids learning to ski!
Angelic me.. :P
Another attraction in the mall located at the ground floor - 3D Arts!

Outside the mall
Finally got the Tomato Juice recommended. Not my liking. Very tomato taste and sweet. Maybe cos I don really like tomato.
Very cool above-the-head golfing facility. COOL!
2nd Destination: 首尔海苔博物馆
3rd Destination: 紫水晶加工场
Our 2nd and 3rd destinations led us to the local tourist workshops, persuading us to buy their local products. Then, it's lunch time!

宫廷料理 back at J&J Dragon.

4th Destination: Hongdae Shopping Street 弘大购物街
In the afternoon, off we went for shopping at Hongdae Shopping Street and also to visit the "infamous" Hello Kitty Cafe.
Hello Kitty Cafe, located inside one of the alley.
Crowded. Taking turns to take orders.
All very pinkish decorated. 

Finally got my order. Green Tea Latte.

Done with the photo-shooting in the cafe and a hot warm latte, we headed back to the street.

Bongeobbang. Red bean paste inside the fish-shaped bread. I like this as the bread was crispy and the paste was hot, sweet and fresh, nicely embedded!

STREET FOODS!! Egg breads. The egg yolk looks so good. Runny egg yolk on top of the pan-fried dough.

With our tour guide and tour leader.

5th Destination: Myeongdong Street 明洞服装
We were finally taken to the very famous shopping street especially for cosmetics. Given 3.5 hours of shopping time here, we still think it was not quite enough.

Huge malls with very nice Christmas decorations.

Another street food we enjoyed. Korean Sausages. Different flavors and varieties, some were wrapped in bacon, stuffed with rice cake etc.
Done with shopping and eating, steamboat for dinner!
Mushroom Steamboat Buffet. Yummy!
Ice Cream again! Good! Green-tea flavored. 
Another one! Just normal cone ice cream.

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