Friday, 6 September 2013

Best BBQ Chicken Wing @ Teh Tarik Kafeteria

I had mentioned before that one of the best BBQ chicken wings I had was at Matang. Now, the coffee shop is not available but relocated to the shoplot on the opposite side of the Matang Bridge of Kubah Ria. Along your way from town to Matang, Kubah Ria would be on your left, the shop lot would be on your right. Frequent road drivers will know about the place as the shop lot is located at the small roundabout when getting back to town from Matang. 

Our orders from the BBQ stall:
BBQ Chicken Butts (RM1.00 per stick). Although marinaded with the same Chicken Wings Sauce, the taste didn't really coat well or infuse into it. I still the best I had was in Penang
BBQ Chicken Wings (RM2.50 per wing). So so delicious! Sweetly marinaded wings with tolerable spiciness. Even my friends who do not take spicy food also could not stop themselves from having this!
Apart from BBQ Chicken Wings and Butts, there are other varieties of Malay Cuisines like Laksa, Satay, Ayam Penyet etc.
Rojak India. Tasted just ok.
Mee Sapi. Worth trying. :)

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