Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sweet Dessert 甜记

There had been lots of desserts outlets popping up in Kuching since I left for Penang. Sweet Dessert 甜记 is one of them, located in a cosy corner at Jalan Padungan.
Egg Tart (RM1.50 each). Rather small, but nice.
Some snacks to bite on before indulging our cold desserts.
Durian Pancake (RM8). With bits of durian flesh embedded in the chewy glutinous pancake skin, this snack is served cold.
Mango Pancake (RM8). Similar to the durian pancake, mangoes were contained in the pancake. This was much flavorful than the durian pancake.
Mango Pamelo Sago (RM10). Wondering how did it taste like~~ Not my order, but my friend said it was served in coconut milk, so I guessed it should be quite nice.
Durian & Thai Black Glutinous Rice (RM10). Highly recommended by my friends, so I gave it a try. Rather nice due to the strong durian taste. A bite of durian and the glutinous rice together makes the dessert wonderful. :)
Apart from serving snacks and desserts, the place also serve some dishes to fill up your tummy like Stir-fried Beehoon, Kueh Teow etc.

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