Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thai food @ A-Wet, 4th Mile

Sawadee Krap! :D 
A-Wet Thai is a new arising place offering Thai dishes. Heard many good comments abt the foods, so, being as a food lover, I shall try! Driving your way to Boulevard, A-Wet Thai can be easily seen on the right before reaching Boulevard Mall at 4th Mile.

Reaching around 7pm. Crowded!
With some recommendations from the Tauke, we came about ordering 4 dishes.
Pineapple Fried Rice (RM10.00)
Red Tom Yam Seafood (RM20.00). Sour and spicy! Served similarly like what I used to have in Penang. 
Cold Bidin with Sotong (RM10.00). Another sour and spicy dish! Tasted great. Loves the fresh Sotong.
Som Tham with Squid (RM15.00).  Green Papaya Salad with fresh squids and topped with peanuts. Guess what? It's also sour and spicy. LOL!
I conclude that we had sour and spicy Thai dishes for the night and every dish came with squids~~ My parents blame me for putting their cholesterol levels at risk. HAHA!

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