Thursday, 20 June 2013

Taipei Trip - Transiting at Changi Airport

Yeah! Finally had the chance to set foot to the paradise for food snacks - Taiwan! It was June, so yea~~ It's summer and it's HOT!!! Should have went during spring or autumn, but due to my limited leaves, this would be our only chance to visit Taiwan. We were on our own, meaning it was a free-n-easy trip. There were lots of Taiwan Travel Guides Blog, so I just referred and planned our own travel itinerary. :D As we had a few days in Taiwan, we spent our days in Taipei only. 

We followed Tiger Airways, transiting at Singapore's Changi Airport. It was a connecting flight prearranged by Tiger Airways, so that made stuff easier for us.
In the plane to Sg
Reached Changi Airport in the evening. Although we were starving, we had to get to Transfer E to check-in for our flight to Taipei and get our boarding passes printed. After that, we immediately rushed to the Food Court to get our dinner settled.

The dining table there which also tell you what you can get from the food court.
So, what did we had for dinner?

Tadaa~~ A set of Pork Liver Soup with rice and some side dishes (SGD7.50) and another dish of Pork Liver Mee Sua Soup (SGD5.50). Nice! Lots of pork liver.
After our satisfying dinner, we went walking around Changi Airport, visiting every corner, switching terminals via the fast and easy SkyTrain.

That's me! Posing here and there in the airport. 
Dining in at Burger King just before we catch our 5-hr flight to Taiwan.
Breakfast Platter (SGD 9.75). Good for 2 pax. :)
Croissan'wich Turkey Ham (SGD 7.55)
Stay tuned for my next blog on my 1st day in Taipei!! :D

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